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Lake Trout Fishing - Lake Kipawa, Quebec:

Lake Kipawa is the top destination in Northwestern Quebec for Lake Trout fishing. The lake is clean and clear and the water is deep and cold. The lake is rocky with a geologically divers structure typical of the Laurentian Plateauís 540 million year old Precambrian Rock with many rocky islands, drop-offs, deep holes and sandy areas for the Lake Trout to spawn. Lake Kipawa is also a big enough lake to have a 53-degree thermocline approximately 50 feet deep. These are the prime conditions for not only having a healthy and flourishing Lake Trout population but perfect conditions for fisherpersons who want to catch Lake Trout all summer long. Having a stable thermocline is exactly what Lake Trout fishing fanatics look for in a lake.

In the spring many of our guests catch Lake Trout in the shallows while Walleye fishing. You may think this is the easiest time to catch Lake Trout and for people that are not experienced with Lake Trout the spring is the easiest time. Lake Trout fanatics like to fish during the summer. This brings us back to the thermocline. The Lake Trout spend the summer just above the thermocline feeding on the massive schools of Whitefish, Lake Herring and Cisco. They are easy to find with the right tactics and they can be found in great numbers and incredible sizes.

Lake Trout in Lake Kipawa are common in the 1 to 6-pound range. Quite a few in the 7 to 12-pound range get caught as well during the season. On occasion guests bring in bigger trout in the 13 to 20-pound range but that are not common. Lake Kipawa is a fertile lake with massive schools of feeder fish down deep and this produces massive size Lake Trout. Every year Lake Trout over 30 pounds get caught and a couple times during the summer we hear that someone has caught one over 35 pounds. The current Lake Kipawa Record Lake Trout caught on rod and reel is 52 pounds. That's not saying that there are not bigger ones. The Quebec Ministry of Natural resources **Resources**, while conducting scientific studies on the Lake Trout population, net a Lake Trout over 70 pounds. Realistically 90% of the trout you catch will be in the 1 to 6-pound range, which are the best sizes for eating.

How many Lake Trout you can catch in a day is a question that cannot be answered. Lake Trout are a funny fish and are very finicky. Low pressure systems and clouds can cause them to stop feeding. They generally like sunny high pressure days. They turn on and off like a light switch. Guests get their best luck early in the morning and later after dinner but during the day in the right place at the right time you can get into them. Guests who know the lake well have their secret spots where they catch tons of trout. If you come to Chalets du Huard we will show you where the Lake Trout hotspots are and show you how to catch them with your light-action Walleye equipment. There is nothing more fun than bringing a big heavy fish up from the depths. Since Lake Kipawa is one of the top Lake Trout Lakes in Quebec you should not have trouble finding them with the right techniques.

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